Sunday, August 9, 2009

Timberwolves get their man

According to multiple sources, ESPN etc and now confirmed by Wolves owner Glen Taylor, the team will hire former Laker Kurt Rambis as their new head coach. I guess he is getting a 4 year deal, which is actually a year longer than President David Kahn has on his contract. It looks like the Wolves are inching closer to becoming something different. I mean from the GM position, to the coaches to the players. The franchise will be a completely version than it has been for the last several years. I certainly hope Taylor is allowing Kahn to do what needs to be done and simply write the checks. So far it seems like it since he is actually willing to pay Rambis a reported $2 Million per season and under contract for those 4 years, something the Kings were obviously unwilling to do.
Things are looking up in Timberwolves Nation, but when we look back in a year or 5 years, will this be another bad decision or a genius move by Kahn. Only time will tell.