Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Year, Another Birthday

Well yesterday was the 37th time the day of my birth has been recognized by friends and family. And as I get older I tend to do less and less on this day, because in reality it is just like the day before it and the day after it. However, I did have a few things lined up to make my day somewhat special. Got up like always and went to work, brought donuts in to share with co-workers, which they love, some more than others (darn diets anyway).
Next off to the Y for a little basketball, man I love playing! After coming home, I got to rock my baby to sleep for her nap and got a chance to relax for a bit. Sandy got cleaned up and ready to leave the house once BooBoo woke up. BooBoo woke up so we got Pookie ready to go as well and then headed out for a quick errand before eating out for my birthday. We chose Chili's and weren't disappointed. Sandy and I got the 2 for $20 deal and we didn't even touch the dessert, heck we were so full we didn't even touch the birthday cake.
Anyway after getting the girls inside from playing I settled in for DFFL Fantasy draft 2009. Didn't do too bad, I think. LOL It will be interesting to see how my team does this year. I am still trying to get over the hump and stop getting runner-up, three straight years!!
Finally finished off the night with a conversation with Ma and Pa, then a quick game of Madden 10. It's the little things in life isn't it?