Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fantasy Football is here!

Ok so it's here again and my tram is pretty good yet two weeks in I am 0-2! I am once again why I do this to myself year after year. It's fun drafting players and making your own team, but playing a game where you can't have any influence over the outcome after the ball is kicked off is kinda crazy! It totally changes the way you watch a game. Instead of sitting back and watching the game for the enjoyment and getting caught up in cheering for one the two teams is gone! I got mad when a 4th string running back for the Colts fumbled the ball, opening the door for the Giants to score a meaningless touchdown. Well that meaningless touchdown cost me my fantasy league game. Now as I stare up at the rest of my league from the bottom, I ask myself is this really any fun? But I can't quit I cannot have my first losing season ever, I cannot let my 4 year playoff apperance streak end! Or can I, and maybe just go back to being a real football fan again and not just another fantasy rube. Only time will tell I guess.