Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday and Friday

Well I didn't get a chance to blog this morning about yesterday so here is yesterday and today. Yesterday we went to Tybee Island again and let our girls and our great-nieces play in the water. They loved it! So did Sandy and I, except for Boo's sprint down the beach away from us. I guess she got turned around and didn't hear our calls. So off I went chasing after her, talk about an instance of parental fear!
After coming back to the hotel we had a late lunch of Krystal burgers and chili cheese fries. Later we had another local favorite, waffles at Waffle House. I was stuffed! When our family finally said our good byes we stopped for a few mega-millions tickets. Never know right!?
Today was a bit low key, we just did some souvenir shopping, played at a park with the nieces and spent time with the family. We did manage a nice lunch today at Seasons of Japan, a place Sandy and I had ate at almost 9 years ago.
Good byes are always hard, especially when we don't know when we will say hello again. I do know that this is a great family that loves each other very much. I will miss them and can't wait to see them again real soon. As my family down here always say each time we leave, for a day or 9 years, "bye, love y'all". And I do love y'all very much!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Will yesterday was a bit more low key. We had to finally get some Chick-fil-a while we were down here, and man was it good! After that we spent the afternoon with family and then tried to find some t-shirts for me and clothes for Sandy. We had supper at the hotel and then the girls and I shot some baskets over on the sport court. After another beautiful day down here it was finally time for bed.  Today is beach day, so we need to get ready to go and meet up with the family. A day of sun and fun!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tybee Island #1

Funny faces on River Street

On River Street

Tybee Island #2

Georgia Trip - Tuesday

Well yesterday I think we all finally caught up on our sleep, except for Sandy who was wide awake at like 6:30 AM, which equals 5:30 AM back home!! As she said I guess she has adjusted to Georgia time faster than the rest of us! We took this day to finally feel normal and no longer "Honda-lagged" after all those hours in the truck. So Sandy took us to Skidaway Island and Tybee Island.  We went down to the beach and the girls got their first look at the Atlantic Ocean.  I would say they got their first look at an ocean, but Jacey did see the Pacific Ocean as a baby in California.  Regardless the girls loved it! Jacey collected seashells and rolled up her pants to walk in the water, which was warmer than we expected. Jadyn loved walking around and digging in the sand.
After grabbing something to eat at the Sugar Shack, we came back to the hotel to get cleaned up. We didn't realize it but yesterday was Momma and Daddy's Anniversary, either their 53rd or 54th, not sure which since I heard both, ha!  All four of George and Frances were there and also seven Grandkids and 5 Great-grandkids.  It was a great time for the family to be together.
So after the meal we took the girls back to the hotel to get them to bed, however that took a little while due to the effects of way too many cookies for dessert! Ha!
Sandy will be going with her sister to some of her mom's doctor appointments, and maybe Sandy will be able to get more information on what the outlook is for her mom.  Not sure where we will go or what we will do today but I will update this tomorrow and try and add some pictures as well. As always, more later!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Fountain at Forsyth park

Statue at Forsyth Park


Today we got to see Sandy's Momma, Daddy, both sisters, brother, brother-in-law, and many nieces and nephews (including some nieces and nephews kids!)
We visited Forsyth Park, Savannah Candy Kitchen, River Street Sweets, and ended with a trip to the Waffle House. Before you laugh Waffle House and Huddle House are everywhere down here and my niece works at one.
We ended the day by picking up a few groceries and crashing in bed. It is now 10 am and the girls are still sleeping, I guess they have got Honda Pilot lag! I know I do. Well this is all for now, more later!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Two

Well that was a long day! Although technically shorter than the first day, but knowing we only had another 12 hours of driving just didn't make it any easier.
We stayed the night in Illinois and left before 9 am. Traveled through Illinois, part of Kentucky, through Tennessee (including Nashville) and finally into Georgia! We really only made gas and bathroom stops to get gas and snacks. And thinking about it today we never got a meal any place. At about 9:30 our time we got to our hotel. After some more snacks, all of us went to bed. We now have all week to visit family, especially Sandy's parents. I will try and post some pictures here and maybe on facebook.
Ok I need breakfast, just wanted to update y'all we made it ok!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sudden Trip

At work yesterday I got a call from my wife with the news that her mother's health is declining recently. With that news came decision time on deciding if we should pull the girls out of school and make a trip to Georgia. Well after talking with family we decided we should, and off we went. Today is the first day of the trip and honestly right now I don't know when it will be over. We want to make it there as soon as we can, but it is a lot of driving. So far we have made it through North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.  Missouri will take some time to go through but it is a big chunk of the drive. I will update more as the week goes along. Hopefully this will get me into the habit of posting more on here. We shall see, ha!