Sunday, May 24, 2009

Feeling kinda old lately

Not sure what brought it on, normally a person has these moments at times when they turn 30, 35, 40, 50 etc but I feel it's recently happened to me. Not sure why, birthday number 37 doesn't
t happen for a few months and I have to very young daughters who help me feel young, so not sure why it is. Maybe it was realizing that some guys I play ball at the Y with are like 15 years younger than me, and I am inching closer to 40, maybe it's the physical fitness test for work and realizing my best years are behind me, or maybe it's just the fact I keep getting more and more gray hair. It's not like I am going completely gray now, but I seem to notice it more when there is no gel in my hair. Grey isn't really that big of a deal, at least I still have my hair, but gray hair tends to be more course and stick up and just generally not look as nice on me. Maybe I should bleach my hair and cut it to hide them or maybe color my hair darker. Of course the same would have to go for my facial hair. Ahhh what is a guy supposed to do!? I still act like a guy in my 20's, I need to take better care of myself to feel that way, more exercise for my knees and other ailing joints, and I must do something with my hair. Well whatever I am sure I will adjust how I feel in a while and it will pass, but it'll come back later. Gosh what am I gonna feel like when I turn 40?!?

Deck Update

Well the post hole shave been dug, the lumber and other materials have been ordered and delivered, and today I hope to start getting the posts in the hole, leveled and secured in the holes. I am a bit nervous about doing it, but well I gotta start somewhere. My Jack-of-all-trades, Dad will be here Thursday to help with the bulk of the work, but I'd like to get a good start on the project before he and my Ma come up. I really want to get this thing done by the end of next weekend so we can move on to other projects. I would really like to finish our lower level, oak trim and new mantel, just so we can officially say the house is done, but one step at a time! :-)

NBA Conference Finals

Ok, so I been busy lately so haven't posted in a while, but I have to say the Conference Finals in both conferences have been great! Each of the 5 games so far have been close with the road team wining 3 of the 5! LA stole home court back last night from Denver and tonight in Orlando we will see who gets the all important game 3 win. Game 3 in the East is important for Cleveland since Game 4 is also in Orlando, but the Cavs need to find a way to hold on to their halftime leads. That might be very difficult, it might be even more difficult to get a lead down in Orlando, but Orlando can go cold from deep, but will they?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Win or Go Home Day!

Today is the day, both Boston and LA each earned the right to host their respective game 7's today. But will home court be enough? Both Orlando and Houston have won on the road in this series, each taking Game 1, but Game 7 is a completely different animal.
I was shocked to see Houston win Game 6, but they keep finding a way to get the job done. I joked with a co-worker that the Lakers would win Game 5 by 30, well I was wrong they won by 40! In the NBA role players always seem to play better at home so I am guessing LA wins, I don't think it will be close but Houston will give it all they got to try and advance.
The Magic should have advanced by now to play Cleveland, but they have found a way to blow Game 5, and Game 4 they should have also found a way to win but couldn't hit a shot down the stretch to put the C's away. So today what do I expect, it will pry be more of the same, Orland hitting shots early and then not being able to hit a 3 to save their playoff lives in the second half. Boston's bench will pry play great since they are at home and help Boston to a win and advance to the next round. I'd have to double check but the last 3 Game 7's in Boston have all been wins that they have pretty much been in control of the entire way. Will that trend continue I don't know, I'd like it to end (Must be resentment toward the C's for being so good as I was growing up), but it probably won't end. Right now, I think their playoff runs end against Cleveland, but then again anything is possible in the playoffs!

Baby Steps on the Deck

Well I have gotten the plans, the building permit, and the spots marked off to dig the holes for the posts. Next step is to get the guy lined up to dig the holes for us. I can't wait to get started on the project, yet nervous. It will so nice to have a deck to enjoy the Spring and Summer weather. That is assuming that the weather ever cooperates and stays above 70 degrees for more than 3 days!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today is Mother's day and we had done a few nice things for Sandy today. Pookie and I picked out flowers, cards and balloons for Mommy Friday, and I had gotten her a necklace last weekend, but I still wanted to go out to eat for the special occasion. We decided to try Kobe Restaurant here in Fargo. It's a sushi and tepenyaki place, and we love ourselves some sushi. Well we came for the sushi and discovered a Benny Hanna type restaurant with good chefs and great sushi. The Summer Roll was the special of the day, I am not even sure everything that was in there but boy was it good! It was so good I didn't even get the customary, "you want the last piece" question from my wife, ha!
Well we probably spent more than we should have and ate more than we needed to, but boy was it good! We will definitely be back for more!! Can't wait for Father's Day (or maybe just next weekend)!


Houston, we have a...blowout!?!? What the heck happened on the way to a Laker trip to the Western Conference Finals? I'm sorry I didn't watch the game. My Laker Fan neighbor claimed the Rockets were just taking it to the hoop and scoring at will. So I grabbed my phone and checked the score and sure enough the Rockets were up by like 18 at the break. Very impressive win for the Rockets, can they pull a rabbit out of their hat in game 5? Oh wait I should have used that saying for the Magic/Celtics series, oh well maybe I'll reuse it later, ha!

NBA MVP etc...

Ok, so the MVP was named and it was none other than LeBron James. Now it's hard to comprehend that the dude is only what 25, and he seems like he is 35 when he talk to reporters. He has been amazing to watch in the playoffs so far, last night was awesome. Not only is the guy big, strong, fast and powerful, but also smart. Each time in the 4th quarter, he was handling the ball , working the clock and getting matchup after matchup he wanted and knocking down shot after shot. Mike Bibby is a good player but he gives up at least 6' on the defensive switch, and when that happened, LBJ just elevated and knocked down the shot over him. The Cavs/Hawks series is all but over, and I am looking forward to seeing them take on the Magic/Celtics winner.

Houston, you have a problem. Down 2 games to 1, and now missing Yao for the rest of the playoffs. The Lakers/Rockets series went form looking like it could go 7, to maybe it will be over in 5!!

Denver has just crushed the hopes of the Mavs fans and owner Mark Cuban with that last second 3 to take game 3. Now I know there was a missed call at the end of the game on the intentional foul, but dude, FOUL HIM UNTIL YOU HEAR A WHISTLE!! Doesn't anybody remember what they were taught as kids, got until the whistle blows so you know the play is done.

The most entertaining series for me, Magic/Celtics, can't wait for game 4 today. C's are still in it, but they need big games from role players and the deep bench guys that normally wouldn't be playing. But due to KG's and Powe's injuries they need to dig deep to try and even the series today. House has been on fire and the Magic tend to let teams back into games rather than going in for the kill. Let's see if the Magic can take it to the next level and put the champs on the brink of elimination.

NBA it's Fantastic!!