Sunday, May 17, 2009

Win or Go Home Day!

Today is the day, both Boston and LA each earned the right to host their respective game 7's today. But will home court be enough? Both Orlando and Houston have won on the road in this series, each taking Game 1, but Game 7 is a completely different animal.
I was shocked to see Houston win Game 6, but they keep finding a way to get the job done. I joked with a co-worker that the Lakers would win Game 5 by 30, well I was wrong they won by 40! In the NBA role players always seem to play better at home so I am guessing LA wins, I don't think it will be close but Houston will give it all they got to try and advance.
The Magic should have advanced by now to play Cleveland, but they have found a way to blow Game 5, and Game 4 they should have also found a way to win but couldn't hit a shot down the stretch to put the C's away. So today what do I expect, it will pry be more of the same, Orland hitting shots early and then not being able to hit a 3 to save their playoff lives in the second half. Boston's bench will pry play great since they are at home and help Boston to a win and advance to the next round. I'd have to double check but the last 3 Game 7's in Boston have all been wins that they have pretty much been in control of the entire way. Will that trend continue I don't know, I'd like it to end (Must be resentment toward the C's for being so good as I was growing up), but it probably won't end. Right now, I think their playoff runs end against Cleveland, but then again anything is possible in the playoffs!


  1. Just stopping by to see if you posted something new! :D Love your blog babe!

  2. Thanks babe, I am trying to get the hang of this Blogging thing, LOL.