Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today is Mother's day and we had done a few nice things for Sandy today. Pookie and I picked out flowers, cards and balloons for Mommy Friday, and I had gotten her a necklace last weekend, but I still wanted to go out to eat for the special occasion. We decided to try Kobe Restaurant here in Fargo. It's a sushi and tepenyaki place, and we love ourselves some sushi. Well we came for the sushi and discovered a Benny Hanna type restaurant with good chefs and great sushi. The Summer Roll was the special of the day, I am not even sure everything that was in there but boy was it good! It was so good I didn't even get the customary, "you want the last piece" question from my wife, ha!
Well we probably spent more than we should have and ate more than we needed to, but boy was it good! We will definitely be back for more!! Can't wait for Father's Day (or maybe just next weekend)!

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