Sunday, November 15, 2009

Angels among us!

Sometimes in life we get so sidetracked by everything else going on that we fail to see the miracles around us. Angels aren't always standing there with wings and halo, some times they are your neighbor, your co-worker, your child, sometimes someone you don't even know. But they are angels because God has placed them in your life at just the right time to bring you a message.

Someone Out There

Excerpt from Acts 12:6-19

“Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell.”

Reflection by Felix Carrion

Who led Peter out of prison? The text says, "An angel."

I've heard people say that some relative, some friend, some pastor, some child, some stranger, someone out there, was "an angel" to them. What I understand them to mean is that this person was sent to them in that precise moment when they were most needed. Out of nowhere, and with no prompting from the person they reached out to, they appeared or called or sent a book or wrote a letter or prayed a powerful prayer.

In that hour of need, and in their appearing, they were no longer just a relative, friend, pastor, child, stranger, or someone out there; they were an angel and their deed was indeed miraculous. (I recall many years ago, in the middle of a sorrowful night, while prayerful tears fell from my eyes, in search of a sign from God, my youngest son called out, "I love you, Dad," and fell right back to sleep.)

An angel is a messenger, sent by God, with a message. They point us in the right direction; they shine a light; they make clear the unclear; they open a door; they break chains; they move us from bondage into freedom's path.

All kinds of people can and have done exactly these things at God's prompting. So, today be an angel. Or, at least, go ahead and recognize the one that was sent to you (recently or a long time ago). And, be assured -- this is real!


O God, you make me smile, how you come to me. Amen.


Every now and then I get these e-mails from my church (UCC) and I find some of them particularly interesting, so since I haven't posted much lately I thought I'd share some with you.

You Have What It Takes!

Excerpt from Mark 11:20-25

Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Reflection by William C. Green

Jesus did not say believe that you will receive what you pray for. He said "believe that you have received it."

So often we pray for what we already have. Time and again the psalmist says "God is my strength," not "God grant me strength." The same with all kinds of help and healing, forgiveness and guidance, an ability to keep the faith and to pray. "God is my rock and redeemer." Not please, God, give me something I need and don't have.

So why pray? Because our petitions rightly understood are not requests but praise. The dreariest psalms, full of neediness and despair, almost always move seamlessly into declarations of what God has done and makes possible.

We are created in the likeness of God's goodness and strength--"little less than God."

True, we fall away from this and abuse our God-given endowments. But we are not stripped of them. And prayer recalls us to who we are in the first place. It's an awakening, or re-awakening, to what's still ours.

Often enough I've felt like some bottomless pit that no amount of encouragement or reassurance could fill. At those times I'd always pray for strength I lacked. I've now taken to praying another way. "God, make me aware of the strength you've given me." That's proven a good way to respect God, and others. When I quit looking elsewhere for what I already have, I find it!


O Lord, I praise you for the strength and hope you give us. Amen.


Just wanted to post a blurb about this year's Halloween events. The week before we went to a Fall Festival at Jacey's preschool where Jacey and Jadyn both got to wear their costumes (Princess and a kitty)and play games for fun and candy. On Halloween we did a little trick or treating in the neighborhood and then gave out candy to kids that stopped by. Jacey loved handing out the candy to the kids, almost as much as she liked going and getting candy. Jadyn is very talented when it comes to grabbing candy. She would get one little piece, and the people would say you can have another, then Jadyn would quickly grab like 3 pieces of candy, she was awesome! It was alomost like I trained her, almost. Ha!

Dacotah Fantasy Football League - mid year (sort of)

Fear the Rat!

Well here it is almost Thanksgiving and I am finally, finally posting again. We are now starting week 10 and I have found myself in 2nd place behind my little brother. My little brother has been a thorn in my side over that last several seasons. From not being able to beat his team at all for years at a time, to losing the title game to him twice in the last 3 seasons. Will this season be different? Well so far it hasn't with an early season loss to him, but my team seems to be hitting their stride now. Although if I can make the title game and lose one more time I would officially be the Buffalo Bills of the DFFL.

This week is the start of playing the early part of your schedule over again, which means I get to play my Dad again. Even though he doesn't have a winning record he is the 4th highest scoring team in the league, it will be tough to get a win. Plus I seem to beat his team early in the year and then get beat badly the 2nd time we play.

Well hopefully this weekend goes as well as the last few, I am hoping to lock up a playoff spot in the next few weeks, rather than need a miracle and a tiebreaker like last year! Ha!