Sunday, November 15, 2009

Angels among us!

Sometimes in life we get so sidetracked by everything else going on that we fail to see the miracles around us. Angels aren't always standing there with wings and halo, some times they are your neighbor, your co-worker, your child, sometimes someone you don't even know. But they are angels because God has placed them in your life at just the right time to bring you a message.

Someone Out There

Excerpt from Acts 12:6-19

“Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell.”

Reflection by Felix Carrion

Who led Peter out of prison? The text says, "An angel."

I've heard people say that some relative, some friend, some pastor, some child, some stranger, someone out there, was "an angel" to them. What I understand them to mean is that this person was sent to them in that precise moment when they were most needed. Out of nowhere, and with no prompting from the person they reached out to, they appeared or called or sent a book or wrote a letter or prayed a powerful prayer.

In that hour of need, and in their appearing, they were no longer just a relative, friend, pastor, child, stranger, or someone out there; they were an angel and their deed was indeed miraculous. (I recall many years ago, in the middle of a sorrowful night, while prayerful tears fell from my eyes, in search of a sign from God, my youngest son called out, "I love you, Dad," and fell right back to sleep.)

An angel is a messenger, sent by God, with a message. They point us in the right direction; they shine a light; they make clear the unclear; they open a door; they break chains; they move us from bondage into freedom's path.

All kinds of people can and have done exactly these things at God's prompting. So, today be an angel. Or, at least, go ahead and recognize the one that was sent to you (recently or a long time ago). And, be assured -- this is real!


O God, you make me smile, how you come to me. Amen.

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