Friday, December 24, 2010

DFFL 2010

Well we have officially started championship week in the DFFL and we have the top two scoring teams in the league in the title game, my buddy Doc's Killer Beef (#1) vs. the #3 seed, my own Dakota River Ratz! It's been a weird season. I started 1-4, with 2 of those losses scoring over 100 points and could have beaten any other team in the league that week with the one exception of the team I was matched up against. In fantasy football what you are really playing against is the schedule, get a good schedule and play the right teams at the right times and you are in the playoffs. Have a bad schedule and all of a sudden you are losing weeks when you are the second highest scoring team in the league!

My team is largely the same as last year, mainly due to my league being a keeper league where we each get to keep 5 players, it's really almost a dynasty league. However, my keepers have not lead the way for my team this year. Draft picks of Arian Foster and Jeremy Maclin have been huge along with adds like Jacob Tamme and some guy named Michael Vick. Vick has almost single handedly lead me to half my wins, and should have lead to another if I had not gone back to Drew Brees one week. I closed on a 7-2 run and probably should have gone 8-1 or 9-0 during that stretch but second guessing yourself usually leads to losses for me. Fow what it's worth this is the 4th time in 5 years I am in the title game, yet I have no titles during that stretch! Maybe I can do it right this time, then again maybe I won't. Fantasy football is hard because all you can do is try and put your best lineup out there and hope to win since you have no control over it. So the question is, why do so many people play fantasy football? I really don't know why, but I do know I love to play!

Fear the Rat!!

NBA 2k11...really!!

Ok, so I was going to write this at some point when David Kahn was trading players faster than ABC cancels shows (My wife informs me they cancel all their good up and coming shows) and the Heat had just assembled the newest Big 3. However the moment passed and I had no blog post about it. Well a week ago Orlando decided to rearrange everything in hopes to keep up with Boston, Miami, Chicago (added boozer et al) and the Western Conference powers (LA Lakers, Dallas, San Antonio, etc etc). I guess I don't follow the Magic enough to know if this really helps them or just changes things. To me it seemed like they gave away more than they got and now need to go and get another big man to fill Gortat's spot. I am not sure if it will work or maybe it will gel and they become another powerhouse eastern conference team.
Miami made a huge splash and got LeBron to leave his home in Ohio for South Beach. It seems as though they are stacking a team and will just steamroll through the season. Well we learned right away that it takes time to figure things out and get on a roll. Now they are rolling and people are still upset with LeBron, why!?!? Look I know what it's like to want to ball with your friends and if you get the chance to team up I say do it! If your window of time in this league is small and your best buddies also play in the league why not enjoy the prime time of your career together? Oh wait cuz the legends of the 80's and 90's said they would never do that. They always wanted to lead their team to a title and beat the other guys rather than team up with them. Right, you don't ever thing Charles Barkley wishes he had one season with MJ, or maybe Patrick Ewing had a season with Magic or Larry Bird. How about Karl Malone wanting one season with Shaq or Gary Payton wanting a season playing alongside Kobe, Oh wait those last two did happen!! So get off of LeBron's back and leave Bosh, Boozer, Amare and all the other big names who swapped zip codes in the hopes of winning a title and being happy. It's not like the face of your franchise left for another team and won a title the very next year...oh wait that did happen to my Wolves and KG going to Boston! So buck up Cavs fans soon you too can dream about being relevant again one day just like Wolves Nation, yea.


Wow it's been a while!!

Ok, so here is one of my New Year's resolutions: Update my Blog more!! Yeah I know I said it before but I need to do it, I have ideas for posts and things I want to say but I always go, I'll do it later. Well I need to do it now when I am in the mood, but I also need help. I need to know somebody is reading this, anybody!?!?! I mean it's good to write but if nobody reads it does it really matter? Kind of like if a tree falls in the forest, does it... well you get the idea. So help me keep my soon to be resolution, come here read my blog and let me know you did it, and I'll keep writing. Unless of course it's terrible then just say no buddy, try something else to spend you time on, I am cool with that too, ha!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fantasy Football is here!

Ok so it's here again and my tram is pretty good yet two weeks in I am 0-2! I am once again why I do this to myself year after year. It's fun drafting players and making your own team, but playing a game where you can't have any influence over the outcome after the ball is kicked off is kinda crazy! It totally changes the way you watch a game. Instead of sitting back and watching the game for the enjoyment and getting caught up in cheering for one the two teams is gone! I got mad when a 4th string running back for the Colts fumbled the ball, opening the door for the Giants to score a meaningless touchdown. Well that meaningless touchdown cost me my fantasy league game. Now as I stare up at the rest of my league from the bottom, I ask myself is this really any fun? But I can't quit I cannot have my first losing season ever, I cannot let my 4 year playoff apperance streak end! Or can I, and maybe just go back to being a real football fan again and not just another fantasy rube. Only time will tell I guess.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 vacation

Well we made it out of town for our yearly vacation and this year we went west. Our trip took us to the Black Hills of South Dakota and around the Rapid City area.  We checked out Al's Oasis, the Badlands, Wall Drug, Flinstones Bedrock City, Thunderhead Falls, Bear Country, Mt. Rushmore and Black Hills Caverns. We enjoyed spending time together and exploring new places and showing the girls things I remember from family vacations as a child. One place I got to show them was Placerville Camp, a very special place to me during my high school days. I met a lot of great people there and grew in my faith, sharing our love of Jesus Christ. It is also a very special place since my lil brother exchanged his wedding vows with his bride in that very chapel.

It was also quite a treat to see how much my girls have grown since last year's trip. Pookie is still as sweet and tentative as before, but she is so smart and ready to start Kindergarten. BooBoo is just a ball of energy and exploration. She simply has no fear and no off button! BooBoo loved the slides at the hotel pools and wore her loving father out!

We ended the trip spending a night camping with family at Farm Island near Pierre, SD. It always a great time spending time with your family even if it involves trying to remember how to set up a tent that will be 90 degrees by 8am!

The longest part of the trip was the final ride home, its fun to go somewhere and explore and experience new things, but returning home is always a welcome sight!

So I finished p90x and...hey is that a donut?

Well I had every intention of finishing week 12 and 13 but as the weeks wore on I decided against week 13's recovery week. It's a great program and nice to just follow along as to what exercises to do, and I did see results in my fitness level. I guess I just ran out of steam due to my workouts getting pushed back from 9-9:30pm to 10-10:30 or later. It was partially due to me and partially due to more daylight and the girls staying up later. It pushed everything later and later, and since I am not a morning person less time to work out.

I think I might crank it up again this fall or maybe sooner, vacation and no p90x this past month have finally caught up to me. Over the next month or so I will try to be better about what I eat and continue to play basketball. I will try and motivate myself to lift some at the gym and hit the elliptical staring at me in my house, ha!

Well this was just to wrap up the loose ends on my p90x story. No huge transformation, no future fitness expert in training, just an average married guy with two kids trying to hang on to his youth so he can ball at the Y. I guess some things never change!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd Recovery Week

Well I have now made through the first two phases of the P90X and have enjoyed the program a lot. It has been tough at times but it has been worth it. My main goal for the program was to get into better shape for basketball. It has really worked! I find myself not getting as tired on the court and having a more consistent shot. Now I have to remind people that I did not do the diet, well since mainly I am not much into dieting. However as stated above I am still feeling the benefits. Some have noticed I look a bit thinner and maybe broader across the chest/back. I know that I have dropped 5 to 10 pounds and still have phase 3 to finish. I should be done by the end of June and wonder if I can lose a few more pounds before I am done. I know I can if I "do my best and forget the rest!"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enjoyed a day with my girls at the zoo followed by enjoying some ice cream. Always love to go see the Wolf exhibit, they are so cool!

Friday, April 16, 2010

(2/2) ow the results are there. I have enjoyed the program & wonder what the end results will be. I hope to cut back on eating, but hey, I love to eat! Ha!
(1/2) As of today, I have done 3 weeks of p90x and definately feel better when I play basketball. I am not doing the diet so pry can't see a difference but I kn
Today should be the day we welcome a new family member. No not Sandy and me, but my lil sis and her hubby. Can't wait to find out what they are having!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Going Mobile

In an effort to update my blog more than once every 4 months I am
testing the mobile blog features of this site. I like the idea of
blogging and would like to do it more but fail to find the time. Maybe
this way when the mood strikes I can mash away with my thumbs to
update all of you that follow me. Well at least 2 people follow me!
Anyway if any of my family are out there, click on the follow this
blog link and let me know you are out there. Ok time to go, I'll check
back in later.
Ok, finally testing some mobile blogging options. Let see if this works!