Friday, December 24, 2010

NBA 2k11...really!!

Ok, so I was going to write this at some point when David Kahn was trading players faster than ABC cancels shows (My wife informs me they cancel all their good up and coming shows) and the Heat had just assembled the newest Big 3. However the moment passed and I had no blog post about it. Well a week ago Orlando decided to rearrange everything in hopes to keep up with Boston, Miami, Chicago (added boozer et al) and the Western Conference powers (LA Lakers, Dallas, San Antonio, etc etc). I guess I don't follow the Magic enough to know if this really helps them or just changes things. To me it seemed like they gave away more than they got and now need to go and get another big man to fill Gortat's spot. I am not sure if it will work or maybe it will gel and they become another powerhouse eastern conference team.
Miami made a huge splash and got LeBron to leave his home in Ohio for South Beach. It seems as though they are stacking a team and will just steamroll through the season. Well we learned right away that it takes time to figure things out and get on a roll. Now they are rolling and people are still upset with LeBron, why!?!? Look I know what it's like to want to ball with your friends and if you get the chance to team up I say do it! If your window of time in this league is small and your best buddies also play in the league why not enjoy the prime time of your career together? Oh wait cuz the legends of the 80's and 90's said they would never do that. They always wanted to lead their team to a title and beat the other guys rather than team up with them. Right, you don't ever thing Charles Barkley wishes he had one season with MJ, or maybe Patrick Ewing had a season with Magic or Larry Bird. How about Karl Malone wanting one season with Shaq or Gary Payton wanting a season playing alongside Kobe, Oh wait those last two did happen!! So get off of LeBron's back and leave Bosh, Boozer, Amare and all the other big names who swapped zip codes in the hopes of winning a title and being happy. It's not like the face of your franchise left for another team and won a title the very next year...oh wait that did happen to my Wolves and KG going to Boston! So buck up Cavs fans soon you too can dream about being relevant again one day just like Wolves Nation, yea.


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