Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 vacation

Well we made it out of town for our yearly vacation and this year we went west. Our trip took us to the Black Hills of South Dakota and around the Rapid City area.  We checked out Al's Oasis, the Badlands, Wall Drug, Flinstones Bedrock City, Thunderhead Falls, Bear Country, Mt. Rushmore and Black Hills Caverns. We enjoyed spending time together and exploring new places and showing the girls things I remember from family vacations as a child. One place I got to show them was Placerville Camp, a very special place to me during my high school days. I met a lot of great people there and grew in my faith, sharing our love of Jesus Christ. It is also a very special place since my lil brother exchanged his wedding vows with his bride in that very chapel.

It was also quite a treat to see how much my girls have grown since last year's trip. Pookie is still as sweet and tentative as before, but she is so smart and ready to start Kindergarten. BooBoo is just a ball of energy and exploration. She simply has no fear and no off button! BooBoo loved the slides at the hotel pools and wore her loving father out!

We ended the trip spending a night camping with family at Farm Island near Pierre, SD. It always a great time spending time with your family even if it involves trying to remember how to set up a tent that will be 90 degrees by 8am!

The longest part of the trip was the final ride home, its fun to go somewhere and explore and experience new things, but returning home is always a welcome sight!

So I finished p90x and...hey is that a donut?

Well I had every intention of finishing week 12 and 13 but as the weeks wore on I decided against week 13's recovery week. It's a great program and nice to just follow along as to what exercises to do, and I did see results in my fitness level. I guess I just ran out of steam due to my workouts getting pushed back from 9-9:30pm to 10-10:30 or later. It was partially due to me and partially due to more daylight and the girls staying up later. It pushed everything later and later, and since I am not a morning person less time to work out.

I think I might crank it up again this fall or maybe sooner, vacation and no p90x this past month have finally caught up to me. Over the next month or so I will try to be better about what I eat and continue to play basketball. I will try and motivate myself to lift some at the gym and hit the elliptical staring at me in my house, ha!

Well this was just to wrap up the loose ends on my p90x story. No huge transformation, no future fitness expert in training, just an average married guy with two kids trying to hang on to his youth so he can ball at the Y. I guess some things never change!