Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd Recovery Week

Well I have now made through the first two phases of the P90X and have enjoyed the program a lot. It has been tough at times but it has been worth it. My main goal for the program was to get into better shape for basketball. It has really worked! I find myself not getting as tired on the court and having a more consistent shot. Now I have to remind people that I did not do the diet, well since mainly I am not much into dieting. However as stated above I am still feeling the benefits. Some have noticed I look a bit thinner and maybe broader across the chest/back. I know that I have dropped 5 to 10 pounds and still have phase 3 to finish. I should be done by the end of June and wonder if I can lose a few more pounds before I am done. I know I can if I "do my best and forget the rest!"

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