Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dacotah Fantasy Football League - mid year (sort of)

Fear the Rat!

Well here it is almost Thanksgiving and I am finally, finally posting again. We are now starting week 10 and I have found myself in 2nd place behind my little brother. My little brother has been a thorn in my side over that last several seasons. From not being able to beat his team at all for years at a time, to losing the title game to him twice in the last 3 seasons. Will this season be different? Well so far it hasn't with an early season loss to him, but my team seems to be hitting their stride now. Although if I can make the title game and lose one more time I would officially be the Buffalo Bills of the DFFL.

This week is the start of playing the early part of your schedule over again, which means I get to play my Dad again. Even though he doesn't have a winning record he is the 4th highest scoring team in the league, it will be tough to get a win. Plus I seem to beat his team early in the year and then get beat badly the 2nd time we play.

Well hopefully this weekend goes as well as the last few, I am hoping to lock up a playoff spot in the next few weeks, rather than need a miracle and a tiebreaker like last year! Ha!

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  1. Woohoo, got another win today, so my streak of never having a losing season is still intact!!