Sunday, May 10, 2009

NBA MVP etc...

Ok, so the MVP was named and it was none other than LeBron James. Now it's hard to comprehend that the dude is only what 25, and he seems like he is 35 when he talk to reporters. He has been amazing to watch in the playoffs so far, last night was awesome. Not only is the guy big, strong, fast and powerful, but also smart. Each time in the 4th quarter, he was handling the ball , working the clock and getting matchup after matchup he wanted and knocking down shot after shot. Mike Bibby is a good player but he gives up at least 6' on the defensive switch, and when that happened, LBJ just elevated and knocked down the shot over him. The Cavs/Hawks series is all but over, and I am looking forward to seeing them take on the Magic/Celtics winner.

Houston, you have a problem. Down 2 games to 1, and now missing Yao for the rest of the playoffs. The Lakers/Rockets series went form looking like it could go 7, to maybe it will be over in 5!!

Denver has just crushed the hopes of the Mavs fans and owner Mark Cuban with that last second 3 to take game 3. Now I know there was a missed call at the end of the game on the intentional foul, but dude, FOUL HIM UNTIL YOU HEAR A WHISTLE!! Doesn't anybody remember what they were taught as kids, got until the whistle blows so you know the play is done.

The most entertaining series for me, Magic/Celtics, can't wait for game 4 today. C's are still in it, but they need big games from role players and the deep bench guys that normally wouldn't be playing. But due to KG's and Powe's injuries they need to dig deep to try and even the series today. House has been on fire and the Magic tend to let teams back into games rather than going in for the kill. Let's see if the Magic can take it to the next level and put the champs on the brink of elimination.

NBA it's Fantastic!!

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