Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday and Friday

Well I didn't get a chance to blog this morning about yesterday so here is yesterday and today. Yesterday we went to Tybee Island again and let our girls and our great-nieces play in the water. They loved it! So did Sandy and I, except for Boo's sprint down the beach away from us. I guess she got turned around and didn't hear our calls. So off I went chasing after her, talk about an instance of parental fear!
After coming back to the hotel we had a late lunch of Krystal burgers and chili cheese fries. Later we had another local favorite, waffles at Waffle House. I was stuffed! When our family finally said our good byes we stopped for a few mega-millions tickets. Never know right!?
Today was a bit low key, we just did some souvenir shopping, played at a park with the nieces and spent time with the family. We did manage a nice lunch today at Seasons of Japan, a place Sandy and I had ate at almost 9 years ago.
Good byes are always hard, especially when we don't know when we will say hello again. I do know that this is a great family that loves each other very much. I will miss them and can't wait to see them again real soon. As my family down here always say each time we leave, for a day or 9 years, "bye, love y'all". And I do love y'all very much!

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