Thursday, May 17, 2012

Follow up - the drive home

Just to finish up the trip to Georgia, we drove all the way home in basically one day! We left that Saturday morning at about 7am. We made good time and the girls we more comfortable since we bought some extra pillows for the ride back. I wanted to make it to Kansas City by that night so Jacey would be able to get home at a decent time so she would be ready for school that Monday. She had missed a week so needed to get back asap. Well we were slowed by traffic in Chattanooga and Nashville but we kept on going. We were lead off the main roads in Illinois by the gps, only to get back on another interstate and head north to St. Loius. Sandy took a turn driving next, I had done over 12 hours I think, and I took a nap and so did the girls. Sandy made it about 100 miles from Kansas City and she was tired. I woke up, felt ready to go and got back in the drivers seat while everybody else slept. I felt really good and wide awake, so I drove and I drove and I drove. It was really too late for a hotel room. I mean spend $75 plus dollars for 6-8 hours of sleep? I kept on going, the girls kept sleeping. I finally made it out of Missouri! Into Iowa I went, had to stop and get gas and was a little tired. When I got to Sioux City I was anxioux to get to the border into South Dakota, but was starting to get the yawns and it got foggy, I mean really foggy. I made it into South Dakota and was not only fighting the fog but the metal fog of sleepiness as well. It was tought but I was so glad to make it to Sioux Falls, I couldn't go any farther, I told Sandy I needed to stop or she had to drive. Well she drove and I remember getting back on the interstate and that was it. 2 hours later Sandy was still making her way through the fog to North Dakota. Sandy needed a break so we swithced on last time at the North Dakota border. I finished the last hour and a half and got us home that Sunday morning! We made it, about 27 hours of driving, bathroom breaks, gas stops and sleping in our seats. It was a very long drive, but so worth the memories we can keep forever.

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