Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Georgia Trip - Tuesday

Well yesterday I think we all finally caught up on our sleep, except for Sandy who was wide awake at like 6:30 AM, which equals 5:30 AM back home!! As she said I guess she has adjusted to Georgia time faster than the rest of us! We took this day to finally feel normal and no longer "Honda-lagged" after all those hours in the truck. So Sandy took us to Skidaway Island and Tybee Island.  We went down to the beach and the girls got their first look at the Atlantic Ocean.  I would say they got their first look at an ocean, but Jacey did see the Pacific Ocean as a baby in California.  Regardless the girls loved it! Jacey collected seashells and rolled up her pants to walk in the water, which was warmer than we expected. Jadyn loved walking around and digging in the sand.
After grabbing something to eat at the Sugar Shack, we came back to the hotel to get cleaned up. We didn't realize it but yesterday was Momma and Daddy's Anniversary, either their 53rd or 54th, not sure which since I heard both, ha!  All four of George and Frances were there and also seven Grandkids and 5 Great-grandkids.  It was a great time for the family to be together.
So after the meal we took the girls back to the hotel to get them to bed, however that took a little while due to the effects of way too many cookies for dessert! Ha!
Sandy will be going with her sister to some of her mom's doctor appointments, and maybe Sandy will be able to get more information on what the outlook is for her mom.  Not sure where we will go or what we will do today but I will update this tomorrow and try and add some pictures as well. As always, more later!

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