Sunday, April 12, 2009

As the river rises again

I had an idea about a blog post to share regarding the flooding that the area has experienced, however since I didn't write it when the thought was in there I will just give a short update now. The Red River is over 32' which is well above flood stage, but still 8 feet lower than the end of March. It should top out around 39' at the highest this week, but weather may change that forecast.
The sights I witnessed of neighbor helping neighbor and strangers volunteering to help, and even children helping was truly truly amazing. I feel like I should have helped more, that I should have put in more time helping others. It is hard work building the dikes but it is very rewarding when you see how much it means to those in need. I truly hope that the F-M area will take steps to have permanent flood protection, so the next time this happens, the town will be ready and we will hardly even notice the river has risen. I would like to say to those who have lost a home this year my thoughts and prayers are with you and I am sorry for your loss. To those who have helped when asked to do so, I thank you for showing the rest of the country how to stand up and act when needed in a time of crisis, you are all my heroes.

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