Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NBA thoughts...

Ok, never updated during the finals but here goes. This was the Lakers year, there was no team that was going to stop them. As an NBA fan you had to see that, especially with injuries to the Celtics and Spurs, followed up by losses by the Cavs.
Next season will be different and it will depend on how the offseason affects each team but it seems there are at least a half dozen teams that have made moves in order to make a run at a ring. Depending on injuries and chemistry issues it should be fun to watch.
My Wolves have made a number of moves, not really sure what the end result will be. Some players brought in seem to have a purpose, only to be traded away again. I think Kahn has a plan, just not sure who he is really targeting. I think the Wolves don't have anybody who was with the team 3 years ago, talk about a roster makeover!
I personally wonder how many times Q. Richardson can be traded in one offseason! Three times so far, with how many more times to go? LOL

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