Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dag-um 'Noles

So ever since I was a kid I have always enjoyed cheering on the Florida State Seminoles. Not sure why. Maybe it was the players, maybe it was because they were good then or maybe it was the Dag-um football coach Bobby Bowden. Whatever the case is I usually find myself watching them and inevitably stubbing their toe during the season and missing out on any chance of a National Championship.  Last night was no exception.
On the road at North Carolina State in a hostile environment it happened again!! A few reasons why. When you play on the road and you are in control of the came in the first half you need to score touchdowns, not field goals!! If you are moving the ball down the field by spreading the opponent out, don't help them by going to a tight formation and trying to stuff it up the middle. This happened all night on 3rd and short! Next, after the Wolfpack got all of the games momentum after a 3rd quarter touchdown drive make sure you get some points on your next trip into the redzone! You cannot call time out in field goal range, come out and then take a sack on the next play taking you out of field goal range!!  Lastly, make a play on defense! The entire fourth quarter NCSU's QB was picking the Seminole defense apart by being patient and taking the underneath routes that they were giving him. If the linebacker is going to play too deep to stop the passes over the middle, maybe they should blitz him to bring more pressure on the QB who had all day to throw.
During the end of the 4th it looked like Florida State may escape when NCSU failed to convert on a 4th and 10.  The QB checked down to an underneath route, the replay clearly showed he had a guy deep for a touchdown on a seam route when the safety failed to cover the deep route. Florida State was saved, they could run out the clock and win the game!! Um, no! Three runs for a total of -2 yards and it was time to punt the ball back to NCSU. Only thing is, the punt was blocked!  NCSU had plenty of time to get into scoring range. Florida State did have them at 4th and 10 on their own 15 yard line, however, the tight end got position on the defender and made a difficult catch at the 3 yard line.  From there it was a few near turnovers and another 4th down. However NCSU got the right play called that left a guy wide open for the touchdown.
No miracle finish for the Seminoles this time and their National Championship hopes may have gone with it. So no matter how times change with new players and coaches the more they seem to stay the same. I mean this was the 4th time in a row Florida State has lost to NCSU when ranked. Oy!
How much longer until my Minnesota Timberwolves start their season!?!? Ha!

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